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FUSE RADIO is reaching out to its community both online and on ground in order to create, modify and protect the future of many young people in Africa by providing them with a safe environment to express themselves. It is a platform that nurtures positive thinking and provides information that can improve the lifestyle and health of many young individuals between the age of 18 and 30 within this region. Our information targets key audiences and seeks to change their perceptions on life with facts and options for better living. The balance of information and knowledge provides a strong foundation for these young people to try new things and build their career paths within conditions that address their true capabilities. The adherence to key stringent ethical and environmental standards coupled with our desire to have creative information packaged in captivating media tools on radio and social media sites make FUSE RADIO capable of optimally satisfying the kind of communication you need to drive across as an organisation.

We are Shaping the future of Entertainment by connecting consumers with High-quality and Personalised content via Internet, Mobile, Film, Sound, Print and Cross-Media in all possible forms of distribution.


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