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Before adding a new radio station, please use the search function to check if the radio you want to register doesn’t already exist in the Streamitter directory. If you find the radio is already registered, login to your dashboard to update the information. If you find the station already registered by a third party, contact us.

  • Stream url / source: this is the listen link from your radio. Please don’t add html pages or shortcut links like .pls, .m3u, … .
  • The logo image is preferably square (minimum size is 300px X 300px).
  • We don’t accept podcasts, Soundcloud links or mp3 files.
  • The radio must be licensed. We reserve the right to remove any station without notice, when it is not in accordance with copyrights laws.
  • Make sure the radio station isn’t already registered on Streamitter. Purposely adding the same stream/station over and over again, will eventually result in removal of your account entirely. Please be patient.
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