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27th July 2020   Your radio can now be liked on your own website. Add the embed code on your website to encourage your audience / listeners to like your radio. The embed code can be found on your dashboard (click the arrow next to your radio).

26th April 2020   We have improved the online radio experience for you. Enjoy listening to thousands of radios all over the world.

21st July 2020   Your radio can now be liked on Encourage your listeners to do this on your radio's Streamitter profile page.

19th May 2020   Featured radio option is now available. Contact us if you want to be a featured radio on

19th July 2020   After submitting a radio station it's now possible to make changes to it before it's being validated.

19th July 2020   Three new lists are available:

18th May 2020   All non Chrome (like Edge, Firefox, ..) users can now listen in-site to non-https radio streams. Only Chrome blocks non-https webstreams.

18th February 2021   From now on, if you have more than one radio in the same radio group, you can indicate this (example). Send the name of the radio group / network and all station codes (info) for the different radios.

15th July 2020   It's now possible to enable dark mode on your mobile favorites page. You can enable dark mode in your profile settings.

15th February 2021   It's now possible to promote your radio with our Streamitter ad spaces. More information can be found here.

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