TPG Radio

TPG Radio, an eclectic internet radio station, gathers underground music and art communities from around the U.S. and showcases them on one platform. TPG Radio runs 24/7 out of their recording studio in Spokane, WA.

Luis Mota -- a long-time entertainment industry-person, with experience ranging from radio, to tour management, to stage production, venue management and more -- and Norman Robbins -- sound engineer, and musician -- make up the heart of the station, serving a funky cocktail of music, comedy, literary advice, and musical tarot. DJ David Camp (Radio Nope, Big Takeover Magazine, !firmhandshakenetwork!), along with others from Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, and Washington, spin two-hour sets on the weekends. On weekdays, the station provides more experimental, niche programming (less rock, more talk). Most TPG programming showcases an ever-changing playlist of songs you don’t hear very often or haven’t heard before, but you feel cool when you do.

TPG Radio strives to give thoughtful, creative people a platform to show their stuff. Working with organizations such as Planned Parenthood, TPG helps create and support a positive, loving global listening community. We are part of NACC and growing our following daily.

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