That 70's Channel

Hi Friends and Welcome to THAT 70's CHANNEL - The Biggest Hits of the Seventies and More, Remember the orange shag carpeting, your Mom’s harvest gold kitchen, Looking back we wanted a Camaro, Cuda or Mustang but we settled for a Pinto, Vega or Mom and Dad’s Station Wagon hey it was wheels and we drove our first Honda – however it was a motorcycle.Our hair was what ever we wanted and didn’t care what we wore as long as it was jeans and a sometimes a t-shirt. It was cool to have a Pioneer Stereo with Jensen co-ax speakers, put settled for a Realistic. Social media started in the 70’s it was CB radio (breaker-breaker, Baby doll you there), and even though we didn't make a ton of money, Tower Records and the Warehouse was the place to buy the music!70’s Rock, Pop, Soul, Country and even Disco favorites were our best friends and although we didn’t care about disco, we’d still go out dancing to it on Friday and Saturday nights.

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