Renegade Radio

since our inception somewhere around 2002, has been about what you don't hear on the radio. The "best" music online so to speak.

it's defining "best of the best" that gets confusing.

what we also found is if you promote something no one else in the world is promoting, you do a lot of things alone; including listening to yourself. in the last year we've gone crazy in promotions with reverb nation and our own searches to bring you music we love and we do in fact believe in strongly but if you have no audience or common ground to have people gather, not many will stay very long.

in that light, you'll find our stream is more recognizable now. MUCH MORE. we've done things internet only stations don't do in the last few months in this metamorphasis in that we're now getting music direct from labels. we're now getting news with the big boys on trends, stats, ratings and the like. we're getting top 40 before top 40 is top 40.

we're dam sure not going to play all of it. 21 pilots is about as likely to be played in our stream as doris day in a twisted halloween marathon. but the sick puppies, mastadon, shinedown, jack russells great white, the pretty reckless, the dead dasies, all these bands and this *sound* of todays "active" (i swear that's their term not mine) rock and we'll mix in the bands we've found who really deserve to be in this mix in...

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