Paradiz Radio

So what is your version of paradise? Is it a place where you feel most happy? Or maybe your safe heaven where you feel most at ease? You might as well find this place of your own self forever?
For us, it is all of that! And so much more!
We turned our own vision into reality! This is Paradiz!
It is a project born from our greatest desire to create a unique and enchanting lifestyle! It is a different state of mind, a more profound feeling, and a drive to reach perfection!
And this time it finds its own expression through sound!
Since the beginning of time, people have used sounds to connect, to express and to communicate their feelings. The knowledge and their experiences have been transmitted to one another through the use of music. This is how music became a universal language!
Paradiz Records & Radio is now writing its story! It's been born from Passion. It is here to bring people together from all over the world through a shared taste in our unique erotic sound wave.
We aim to transmute all of your senses into a new and intriguing state that will inspire you to further explore this New Dimension of Sound.
Tune into this fantastic inner world, where our imagination runs forever free!

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