Boss Radio

(Boss Radio)

Cody Boss Media launches the ultimate radio app to stream popular and independent artists.
Intense Performers:

Cody Boss Media unleashes a mind-blowing radio app featuring the greatest music legends, icons, and rising stars at Elite Press. With that said, the media group breaks new ground in the entertainment industry.
Streaming Just Got An Upgrade:

In December 2020, Boss Radio exploded online. It made a bold new statement by playing independent tracks with popular songs.

The first song to debut on the station is (U 2 Luv) by Ne-Yo and Jeremih. Later, more singles appeared on the station. With that said, popular tracks dominated the app on the first day.

Cody Boss Media uses the radio app to promote recording artists on a higher level.
Cody Boss Media knocks Out the Competition:

They only pick the best music for their station.

Media companies need to use more tools to promote singers, musicians, and rappers. With that said, Boss Radio is the better choice for creators and music lovers.
Every Song is Perfect:

The station will stream exceptional singles for people across the globe.
Pursuit of Happiness:

The songs on Boss Radio will impress men and women who complained about the poor quality of new music in the past. And every track on the app will change their minds from complaining to happiness.
Biggest Artists:

The app streams popular artists, including:
✓ Drake
✓ Rihanna
✓ Miguel
✓ Nicki Minaj
✓ Ne-Yo
✓ Ariana Grande
✓ Chris Brown
✓ Jhené Aiko
✓ Lil Baby
✓ Selena Gomez
✓ The Weeknd
✓ Madison Beer
✓ Post Malone
✓ Shawn Mendes
✓ Cardi B
✓ Da Baby
Two is Better Than One:

While other media platforms will either promote popular artists or independent creators, Cody Boss Media believes that combining the two is better than choosing one side.
Take a Leap of Faith:

The media group hopes that other companies will give independent artists a place to shine. It is a simple decision for a platform to promote popular singers, rappers, and musicians because famous people bring views. Working with underground artists is also essential because they will become famous soon.


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