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BoomCity Citizens that are feeling high, buzzed, sexy, sensual, sweaty, loved, stressed, hated, or just driving. Our extra-terrestrial city is located on an extra-terrestrial planet outside our solar system on the far side of the Milky Way. Our planet has existed since the beginning of time well over the years of planet earth being inhabited by intelligent life. I’m thrilled you finally reach the level of consciousness that allows you to find us. Everyone is not unique to yourself, some will discover Boom City by mistake, and their transmission will be too low, therefore eventually disconnecting their line.
No matter how hard they try, they still won’t be able to communicate with us. We speak words, but with sound, frequencies, vibrations, sine waves, and pulses. Meaning lyrics are just a melody within the vibe. Specific frequencies fit, and many do not, we like unpredictability. E.g., Music you loved so much, you never learn the words because you are engulfed in the sounds and arrangements, and that is what will allow you to teleport safely to Boom City.

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