Boom Boom Room Radio

A free radio station that is fun, has no commercials, upbeat, funny, no real news, politics, or opinions, all satire and comedy between the music that plays non-stop. It is Burlesque "inspired" music, not just burlesque music. Everything from, Paridies, (Pop songs done in vintage styles that make you laugh) New, Old, Vintage, Blues, Jazz, Rag, ElectroSwing, Pop, Show Tunes, comedy songs, even dirty songs from the 1910s and 20s that maybe your great Grandmaw listened to. Harder to describe that show so just download, listen, and if you like it, enjoy. Why do we do this? Like our show, we just love to make an audience smile.

History: We own and produce shows at the "World Famous" Boom Boom Room STL. It is the largest burlesque club in the country based out of St. Louis Mo. USA. Over the ten-plus years, we have collected a lot of music to put on burlesque shows and for music before and after the shows. We wanted full control of our shows with nothing series, scary, dark, sad, and to do this we had to make our own ever-changing playlist. Before we knew it, we had thousands of songs. Well, let’s see, we have traditional burlesque songs, but they there was so much more that was inspired by the burlesque music. Fun Paradies of popular music, or Electro Swing, Big Band Swing, and completely inappropriate funny dirty songs from the 1920s. Really great Grandma, “THIS” is what you were listening to also? :).

People would ask us all the time, who is this, what is this, how can I listen to this, so we created our first DJ sound bits that would rotate the music before the shows. “Hellow, I am Papa Pastie, and you are listening to Boom Boom Room Radio”. Then we expanded to the front door till finally we were at a coffee shop and the person behind the desk asked, “do you have a radio station?”, very impressed so we thought, (as the espresso kicked in) YES WE DO! Telling the truth in advance. We set out on the journey to start our own internet radio station inspired by the burlesque shows. We also included soundtracks from movies like, Burlesque, Cabberet, Chicago, which are all movies we have watched over and over again looking for show inspiration.

The most important part of the station is this. There is a lot of fear-mongering out there. A lot of people making money trying to make us scared, and separate, and we feel that life should be easy and fun. Let’s get into the positive emotions, like love, and laughter, and sexy, and self-confidence. So we keep it light, never series, sometimes upbeat, sometimes slow, but never dark, scary, or hateful.

At this time we have no sponsors, no commercials, and plan to keep it that way.

In Short:

Playing Burlesque-inspired music, Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Electro Swing, Traditional Burlesque, with a light funny satire. No real news, never series, always fun.

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