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109.1 Da View Radio was established in 2012 with one simple mission in mind: to bring the best music to the coolest listeners around Brooklyn, New york . Today, 109.1 Da View Radio is one of the best local internet stations in the city. With its incomparable radio shows and talented staff, it’s quickly gaining a great rep across the country. 109.1 Da View Radio a Radio Station of Real independent Media Group (RIMG) is an online streaming station that broadcasts music of up and coming, independent and underground musical talents from many different genres on a global platform. A blend of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Jazz and R&B all in one to create a high level of content and streaming entertainment. We have a team of several streaming show host that delivers great content and conducts interviews with personnel ranging from Music Artist to Authors, Studio Engineers, Actors, Published Magazine Models, various media outlets and small business owners. Our main goal is to push and help these artists and achieve their dreams of being discovered and to provide them a stage to get their music heard and or business seen. We understand how hard it is for artists and businesses to be placed on commercial radio so we have opened that doorway. 109.1Da View Radio's demographic is suited for the music, entertainment and service lover who is seeking a better alternative to what the major commercial market is providing. Our primary listeners are based in New York City with a large following in parts of Africa, UK, South America and Asia. 109.1 Da View Radio's motto of "WHERE INDEPENDENT MUSIC IS HEARD" is a testament to our continued progress to be the best at what we do at all times. Make sure to check out and be apart of our interviews , showcases, networking events. Also connect and link with us on social network.


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