100% Discofox by Schlagerplanet Radio

You like to dance to german Schlager music? This is the perfect station for everybody who loves the discofox-Beats from Stars like Helene Fischer, Kerstin Ott, Stereoact, Fantasy and more. Discofox is the by far most popular dance in the world of german Schlager. You can hear the beats from stars like Helene Fischer, Kerstin Ott, Fantasy or Stereoact on one radio station. Where ever and when ever you want to dance, nonstop and without interruptions. Schlagerplanet radio offers multiple radioprograms, that include many genres of music from Germany. 100% Volksmusik, 100% Partyschlager, 100% Deutsch and 100% Schlager are some of your new radioprograms for german music.


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