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FAQ: Why is my radio playing in a popup?

All of our pages are accessed through the secured web protocol HTTPS. Browsers, and Chrome particularly, need every part of the website to be secure, including YOUR webstream. As long as the stream is served through HTTPS, the player will play it directly. But any insecure HTTP stream, cannot be played from within the site, because chrome will refuse to open it.

This is what Google has to say :
From Google Chrome (Thursday, October 3, 2019):
In Chrome 80, mixed audio and video resources will be autoupgraded to https://, and Chrome will block them by default if they fail to load over https://. Chrome 80 will be released to early release channels in January 2020. Users can unblock affected audio and video resources with the setting described above"

Starting with Chrome 79 (December 2019) Google started moving toward blocking all mixed or non-secure content loaded by a secure site. HTTPS is a more secure version of the HTTP protocol used on the internet to connect users to websites. Secure connections are widely considered a necessary measure to decrease the risk of users being vulnerable to content injection.

Every time you give us a HTTP (insecure) link, we will test if it works by replacing HTTP with HTTPS. If it does, we use that one in stead. When it doesn't work, we can't play the stream inside the website. To work around this problem, we open your stream in a separate insecure popup. This way, visitors can listen to the stream.

We recommend that you ask your streaming provider to give you a secure HTTPS link for your radio stream so you're future proof.

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